Welcome to Blivande Academy's dream page

Blivande Academy is where you get to take part in a new and unique way of learning and sharing your knowledge. At the Academy, you will meet experienced, creative and unconventional course leaders, to learn skills, crafts and techniques that will help you in your own creative, professional and personal progress. This is also a space where you are encouraged to become the teacher, to share your own unique proficiencies in your own way. Together, we can develop beyond ourselves.

The Academy is a part of House Blivande in Frihamnen in Stockholm, Sweden, and gives you access to rooms, facilities, material and tools for both creation and education. The courses and workshops are offered in physical and/or digital format, and vary in length, form, cost and pre-required skills depending on the facilitator and the workshop.

Welcome to Blivande Academy.

If you are interested in joining us as a facilitator, set up your workshop as a "New Dream" here.

We will review your workshop/course and connect with you in order to add it to our program and enable people to sign up for it.