Gallery Frihamnstorget offers the opportunity to exhibit via open calls as well as invitation. We provide a creative and unconventional setting and are developing this as an alternative and connected point of entry in the Stockholm art sphere. For more information, see our guidelines.

Open call for exhibition submissions

For exhibiting in October 2021: open for applications until the 30th of June 2021.

For exhibiting in November 2021: open for applications until the 31st of July 2021.


Exhibiting with 5 large paintings of naked people.

Excavating the adjacent substructures

A group exhibition considering construction and infrastructural space

We make pie

Paintings, poems and happenings will bring the participants to a little saga in the style of naivism.

Concrete Form[ing]work PhD Exhibition

Exhibition of Annie Locke Scherer's doctoral research at KTH

Forced futuristic art dream project 2021

A forced futuristic media vision for 2021.

(( HOT AIR ))

This themed collection of OPEN WINDOWS presents the very subtle response to burning conditions experienced during the heatwave and pandemic in August 2020


In Symbiosis, Sally Salomonsson and Maja Sikorska will be exploring embodied consciousness, exhibiting digital art prints and abstract sculptures.


Abstract, symbols, signs, paint on canvas.

Impulse control

A live dance performance behind glass, an improvised exploration of breaking habbits of movement with the audience as inspiration of impulse.

Vill du till Himlen?

A showcase of selected photography work from my archive as a review of my search of home and identity.

That gift called Space

Joni Ljungqvist & Andrés Matíz : Audio, photography and video exhibition


This is what we're made of!

Young Urban and Regional Males

This series explores masculinity in the fine art world and wider contemporary culture, through the identity work and pursuits of young Australian men.

Yes People

Immersive experience, with 3D animated projection on multiple painted plexiglas panels

Infinite Light in Awareness

A light painting photography series using light as a way to explore our own awareness in awareness of itself.

Sink in

A new way to sense your body


I will make an installation that are in contrast with the space. The installation will combine one big collage, metall sculptures and silk fabric.