Yellow Container Gallery

The Yellow Container of Gallery Frihamnstorget is available to selected artists for free for a calendar month at a time. Artists are selected based on their proposed exhibitions.

The selection is made by the Gallery Frihamnstorget board from the proposals submitted on this platform as well as through direct invitation.

We provide the exhibition space, electricity and some access to facilities at House Blivande for free for a month at a time. For the first year we do not take any provisions from art or ticket sales the artist makes connected to the gallery.

Exhibiting at Gallery Frihamnstorget comes with certain responsibilities for the exhibiting artist. You can find a more detailed list in the guidelines but the most important points to be aware of from the start are as follows:

  1. You need to plan and promote an opening event for your exhibition and make the exhibition accessible for the public for at least 7 days during the your residency. Frihamnstorget and Blivande can use our social media channels to push your promotions and provide you with suggestions, but you must be prepared to invest your own time and budget to plan your events and generate promotional material.

  2. Frihamnstorget and Blivande will not take responsibility for damages. Any insurance for the exhibited art pieces has to be covered by the artist.

  3. The gallery container can not be changed in ways that cannot be restored. This includes painting and drilling. You must return the space as you received it on the last day of the calendar month. Fixtures can be made with magnets or through welding if discussed first with the Gallery Frihamnstorget board.

By exhibiting in Frihamnstorget Gallery you accept these rules (and the more detailed list in the guidelines).

We are looking forward to you and your art in this wonderful space!

Steps to apply

  • Sign up on this platform
  • Read the guidelines below
  • Create your proposal
  • Either publish it to get others exited about the idea, or keep it unpublished so only you and the reference group can see it
  • We will get in touch



Your time at the gallery

You can have access to the gallery space and the facilities at House Blivande from the first day of the month of your residency to the last day of the same month.

Leave no trace

The gallery space is to be left in the same condition as you found it. Empty and cleaned. If not otherwise discussed with a gallery board member, new fixtures you installed need to be removed.

Food and drink

Refreshments can be sold at the gallery during your exhibition. For the opening event, the café container can be made available to prepare.

You are yourself responsible for arranging for potential payment for refreshment, and responsible for following the regulations and customs tied to alcohol consumption at art openings.

Opening Hours

You must keep regular opening hours for at least 7 days during your residency at Galleri Frihamstorget.

Fixtures, hooks and Installations

No permanent changes can be made to the yellow gallery container. No painting or drilling is allowed.

Fixtures and hooks can be welded to the container walls, but this needs to be planned ahead of time and the plan must be presented to the Galleri Frihamnstorget crew while planning your exhibition.

Welding tools and technical support is available at the discretion of other members, but we are usually a helpful and generous bunch. To ask for help, reach out in the Frihamnstorget forum:

Since the gallery is all metal, power magnets are also a good solution for hanging your art. You have to source these magnets yourself. This website offers a good selection:


Frihamnstorget and House Blivande are not responsible for any damages. If your art needs to be insured, you must arrange for that yourself.

Tickets and other sales

You are allowed to charge for tickets to your exhibition and/or sell your art as you wish. Galleri Frihamnstorget and House Blivande do not take any provision on these transactions unless you choose to use the Blivande ticketing system which has a 5% or 10% provision depending on the setup. Contact Hugi on the Blivande forum to find out more about the ticketing system.

Music and other loud sounds

The artist can play music and sound pieces in the gallery from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm.

During other events at Frihamntorget square, you are asked to show cooperation and find compromises with the needs of those events.

If you are interested we can get you in contact with live-musicians to play at your opening event.


Currently, Galleri Frihamnstorget does not provide any budget for the exhibiting artist's expenses.

We also ask you to list the budget you yourself expect to invest, for example in promotional material and transport. This helps us assess if you have a realistic plan for how to make your exhibition a success. It also gives us the opportunity to help you find cheaper options for transport, materials left over from old projects, or help from people in the community.

A good and realistic budget that includes outreach efforts increase your chances of a successful application!


Galleri Frihamnstorget has no installed heating system and is affected by Swedish weather. We provide electricity to run a space-heater in the gallery space.

Gallery supervision/sitting

We can not provide staff for gallery sitting/supervision. You have to find a solution that suits your needs for supervision during the public exhibition and events yourself.

Access to House Blivande

If you need access to the House Blivande workspaces, tools and machines during the month of your residency, you must pay for a one month membership. Currently the price is 800 SEK + VAT.


If you have any questions or need specific help and support you can use our community forum:

Just register (it's totally free) and make a post about your issue.

In doing so you are communicating with our whole community, which is very nice and helpful. Be aware that you are not dealing with staff but volunteers.

You can ping the gallery board members as @galleryboard

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