Welcome to the New Nordic Burn 2020 Dream Platform!

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On this platform we propose ideas, sketch projects and co-create amazing art. Do you have an idea for a project you want to create at the New Nordic Burn 2020? This is the place to propose it and apply for funding. Read the “About” section to read the dream grants guidelines get an idea of how the process works.

A Few Important Notes:

  • What is a dream? a project you wish to pursue at the New Nordic Burn. it can be anything really: Art installation, experiences, workshops, communal spaces, bars, dance floor, infrastructure (e.g. build toilets) and whatever else your imagination comes up with
  • We have a strict timeline, and our art grants budget depends on number of memberships sold. This means there will be certain materials, items and equipment we will not be able to fund. However, we’re a community of artists, makers and doers, and a lot of things can be sourced among us! Therefore, the committee will try to make sure funds will go towards things that are really necessary.
  • We're a community that is built on trust, and this only works if we can trust each other. So please be thoughtful when updating your budget. We don’t want to have more rules next year.

What is this this New Nordic Burn we speak of?

We are a coalition of the various regional Norwegian burn groups, and our vision is to create a new major Nordic burn. Our first event will take place at the beginning of September 2020