Welcome to the RRCR Fund!

The RRCR Fund 2021 is a fund where you can apply for grants for your projects to make the world better.

Read more about the fund in the about section on this page

As a response to receiving the Civil Solidarity Prize from the EESC, Blivande will redistribute a large sum of the money (60.000 SEK) among the people, organizations and communities that was involved in the Crisis Response initiative. In short: the Response to the Response to the Crisis Response Fund (The RRCR Fund).

Your help is needed to make use of it in great ways! Yes, you.

Applications are open for anyone who helped out during the crisis, at Blivande or any of our sibling initiatives.

Apply by pressing the "New dream" button. To do this, you will need to sign up/log in with an account, and then press "Join event" in the top right corner of the page.

Read more about the guidelines and the criteria, to make sure that your project is eligible, in the About section.

Welcome to the Response to the response to the Crisis Response Fund! We are looking forward to your applications.