Precious Plastic Shredder Box

As a second step towards a Precious Plastic ecosystem I'm trying to setup a *Shredding Workstation* at Blivande / Frihamstorget

This is a dream to collect funds to buy the shredder box for processing the collected plastic into "ready to melt" material. The shredder is a mix of 3 parts:

  • Shredder box (what this dream is about)
  • Motor (Tobi offered his lathe as initial temporary solution)
  • Structure (A proper workstation to house shredder box and motor)

Tobi and Annie helped estimating the price of building one of those in house and the issue is the minimum material we need to buy is for building 7 of the shredder boxes and it's a large amount of money.

Precious Plastic has an online Bazar that where we can buy cheaper separate parts. I believe we should start by acquiring a shredder kit and use the metal workshop to build around it.

I have picked the sellers who include shipping to Stockholm:

But there are many other alternatives if we want to get in touch and estimate shipping prices:

Here's the bazar link for all listing:

How does this project build community?

This projects is an enabler for the following stages of Precious Plastic development. Having a shredding workshop allows for melting the material to the desired shape and creating objects for the Blivande house, Frihamstorget and for commercial purposes.

How does this project contribute to a fantastic and more resilient society?

Being able to transform our modern life residues back into valuable, precious material is not only key for a sustainable living but for a resilient way of living. Turning waste into resource without state or private company intervention is key not only for community resilience but sovereignty.

How is this project co-creative or participatory?

Shredding plastic is not only a matter of physically reducing the plastic parts but also an opportunity for artist, designers and engineers to think and collaborate on colours and texture of the final product as well as structural integrity.

Long-term impact

Having a shredding workstation setup and equipped is crucial to transform the collected, cleaned and sorted waste into source material. This workstation is the bridge between the collection point and the production of new objects. This is step towards a plastic recycling ecosystem where the leakage of precious materials (that are also often harmful for the environment when disposed) is piped back into material acquisition.

How are you or your organization related to the Crisis Response initiative in 2020?

I'm an active member of Studios Beta and Tau, as well as a Frihamstorget co-creator.

I have read the application guidelines.




Shredder box kit2 000 SEK
Shipping800 SEK
Tobi's assembling (3 h)1 500 SEK
Total4 300 SEK
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
4 300 SEK

Funding canceled on October 24, 2021